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Crafting experiencesfor people&projects we love.

It takes two
to make a thing
go right.

Cabin is an interdisciplinary creative agency blending modern technology, design, and heart. As of 2015, we are no longer taking on new projects.


Bek Stone

Creative Director

Bek’s passion for people and socially valuable pursuits has permeated her career for more than a decade. With a keen mind for transforming complexity into delight, and the business acumen to drive decisions, Bek has won the respect of clients and collaborators alike.

Zak Johnson


Zak has architected and built software since the late 90s. His passion for crafting experiences that are fun, easy to use, and reliable has defined his work. Zak's intimate familiarity with the entire web stack—from infrastructure through the database, back end, and front end—enables him to build full-scale web applications.

It takes two
to make it out of sight.

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  1. Planning / Strategy
    1. Design strategy
    2. Research and audits
    3. Idea generation
    4. Information architecture
    5. Prioritization and metrics
    6. Training and education
  2. Design
    1. Branding and identity
    2. Content development
    3. Rapid prototyping
    4. Experience design
    5. Web and mobile design
    6. Data visualization
    7. Usability testing
    8. Print and packaging
    9. Signage and environmental
    10. Copywriting
    11. Photography
  3. Development
    1. Software architecture
    2. Database design
    3. API / services layer definition
    4. Build consultation
    5. Front-end development
    6. Back-end development
    7. Social media integration
    8. DevOps
    9. Quality assurance
    10. Analytics


Designed by Bek Stone and built by Zak Johnson in Portland, Oregon. Featuring the fonts YWFT Ultramagnetic by Michael Cina and Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson. Made with Python, Flask, Redis, CoffeeScript, and Stylus. Hosted on AWS.

We couldn’t have done it without Arms and Sleepers, Laphroiag, espresso from Albina Press, The Big Egg, coconut water, hot yoga, and two notable felines.

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